Tiger Woods: The poster child for Christianity

An odd title huh?


When you think of all that you have heard that he has gone through in the recent past, you are probably wondering why, and more specifically how, I arrived at the title. Some of you may be thinking I have lost my mind.  Bear with me.  I have taught this lesson on more than one occasion to raised eyebrows and skeptical looks.


Tiger Woods has achieved fame few individuals in the world could ever hope to achieve in many lifetimes combined.

 It wasn’t enough – It didn’t make him happy.

 Tiger Woods achieved wealth as the first billionaire athlete that few will ever experience.

 It wasn’t enough – It didn’t make him happy.

 Tiger Woods lived the dream for many by courting and taking as his wife a model.

 It wasn’t enough – It didn’t make him happy.

 Tiger Woods fathered lovely healthy babies.

 It wasn’t enough – It didn’t make him happy.

 Tiger got a 20 million dollar yacht.  A dream for many.

 It wasn’t enough – It didn’t make him happy.

 Some think they will be happy with affairs on their spouses.  Tiger had several.

 It wasn’t enough – It didn’t make him happy.

 Porn is big business.  Some think that will make them happy.  Tiger had affairs with porn stars.

It wasn’t enough – It didn’t make him happy.

 Tiger has a home most can only dream about.

 It wasn’t enough – It didn’t make him happy.

 Tiger practices Buddhism.  He blamed losing track of Buddhism on why he had infidelities.  Buddhism is non-theistic.  In other words, no supreme creator “God.”

 It wasn’t enough – It didn’t make him happy.


Why do I point these things out?  Many people spend their lives chasing after these things thinking that these things will make them happy.  Many people that profess to be Christians chase after these things as well.  The problem is, these things are all illusions.  They aren’t real.  They aren’t fulfilling.


Dr Michael L Brown writes several things in his book Go And Sin No More that I think are very compelling:


Sin Does Not Satisfy“In the end, the happiness becomes sadness, the thrill becomes a nightmare, the pleasure becomes an addiction.  Sin never keeps it promises.”


Ecclesiastes 5:10 (CJB)

  10 The lover of money never has enough money;

the lover of luxury never has enough income.

This too is pointless.


Dr Brown points this out in Sin Leads To More Sin.  He cites another verse along these lines with Proverbs:


Proverbs 27:20 (CJB)

  20 Sh’ol and Abaddon are never satisfied,

and human eyes are never satisfied.


He states:  “Greed cannot be satisfied with possessions; drug addiction cannot be satisfied with a great high; lust cannot be satisfied with a one-night stand; pride cannot be satisfied with promotion and fame.  . .  every honest man reading this can testify that this is true.  Otherwise, sir, one glance at that bikini-clad woman would have been enough, wouldn’t it? Why did you have to look again  . . . and again?


Proverbs 6:32 (CJB)

 32 He who commits adultery lacks sense;

 he who does it destroys himself.


You see, in achieving what most people can only dream of achieving, Tiger shows us that the dream he achieved is only an illusion.  We are not supposed to want what others have.  We are not supposed to commit adultery.  We are not supposed to worship other Gods.  And so that none of us get judgmental, let us also remember that Yeshua died for him as much as he died for us.  The devastation that Tiger has faced is because Yeshua is NOT the Lord of his life.  Tiger is a poster child for Christianity because he is the proof that achieving worldly success and pleasure is not success or pleasure at all – It is a lie.


I use to teach my own kids that if they were not happy with what they had, they would never be happy with what they got.  In the end, we can only be happy with what we have when we submit to our King and His commands because in the end, He is the ONLY thing that is NOT an illusion!





About Even If Ministries

Dani'el 3:17-18 (CJB) 17 Your majesty, if our God, whom we serve, is able to save us, he will save us from the blazing hot furnace and from your power. 18 But even if he doesn’t, we want you to know, your majesty, that we will neither serve your gods nor worship the gold statue which you have set up.”
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7 Responses to Tiger Woods: The poster child for Christianity

  1. ediddydub says:

    YES!!! Happiness can only be achieved when we focus our happiness on something (or Someone) eternal, which is God. Anytime we link our happiness to something carnal, material, and temporary, we put ourselves in position to be let down, depressed, and unsatisfied, which leads down a terrible path of seeking for things that can’t make us completely happy. Tiger’s circumstance is much like the everyday Christian before he/she becomes a Christian in that we all have tried doing things our way, achieving “success” our way, pursuing happiness our way, when Jesus said Himself that He is the Way. When we set our sights on things above, only then can we achieve the happiness that sin attempts to give us in efforts to trap us from what God wants us to have and be. Thanks for sharing and encouraging me to keep my focus on God, knowing that if I seek Him first, He will take care of me!

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  3. ruby says:

    Thanks for the word

  4. Mike says:

    Good truth!

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