Romans 12 – expounded and amplified

Many years ago, I went through this chapter word for word as a result of some teachings I heard, in person, that were very eisegetical.  I decided to do this to refute some of those teachings.  I expounded and ampified the text in an attempt to correct this persons teaching in a non-threatening and thought provoking way.

It turned out to be quite an exercise for me and I do it often now when I am studying.

In amplifying it, I attempted to get the thought across using only the biblical understandings of the words as we know them using  predominantly the Gingrich and the Freiberg – I did use Thayers as well on occasion.


Re-translated and expounded using only the biblical understandings of the words to amplify the meaning and the thoughts

The New Life in Yeshua

 12:1My brothers,

I want to strongly encourage you

in light of Adonai’s compassion and mercy,

to render your physical bodies as an acceptable and pleasing offering

sacred and worthy of God’s presence and set apart for God’s purpose:

A purpose which follows logic and reason as the true nature of worship of Adonai.

12:2Don’t be guided or shaped by this era, age or world system.

Instead, undergo a metamorphosis of your spiritual understanding and intellect so that you will be able to test, scrutinize and examine what Adonai’s will, design and purpose is:

A will that is generous and morally upright, pleasing, complete and perfect.

12:3Through the favor of Adonai and the kindness he has given to me, I, Paul, lay forth a command related in words to each and everyone of you:

Don’t be overly proud and think of yourselves more highly than is necessary.


  • be sensible!
  • Be temperate!
  • Use sound judgment!

Each and every one of you needs to adopt the standard of faith Adonai has assigned which is

a belief with the predominate idea of trust!

12:4Each person’s body has many parts such as:  the eye, nose, feet and hands,

however, each of those parts do not have the same function.1

2:5Likewise, in this way each one of us with our different functions or gifts are members, or just one of many body parts, of the Messiah.

12:6Each one of us has at our disposal, these freely and graciously bestowed gifts of varying kinds, through and the kindness and blessing of Adonai.

Whether your gift from Adonai is interpreting His will, foretelling future events or expounding scripture, use that gift in proportion to the belief, commitment and trust you have in Adonai.

12:7If your gift from Adonai is ministering to, providing charitable aid, or preparing meals for others, then use those gifts to serve them by ministering, giving charitable aid and preparing meals.

If your gift is teaching, then use it to teach and instruct others.

12:8If your gift is is to relieve sorrow, cheer up or console others through encouragement, then call them to your side and encourage them!

If your gift is sincere concern for others through ungrudging generosity, then share what you have with them without reservation.

If your gift is leadership, then show the quality of your commitment to lead in your devotion, zeal and enthusiasm towards leading and those you would lead.

If your gift is mercy, then as a mark of genuine benevolence, have pity on others: gladly and graciously show them mercy without reluctance.

Marks of the True Follower of  Yeshua

 12:9The brotherly love that you have,

an affection that is the highest virtue of followers of Yeshua and the literal essence of God,

should be

  • genuine,
  • undisguised
  • and without insincerity!

To have this kind of love,

you must be horrified and disgusted by what is evil and degenerate and unite and adhere as a disciple to what is morally good, preferable and upright!

12:10Have affection for your fellow believers in a tender, devoted, brotherly-sisterly love – treat them as family!  Value, revere and respect each other over all others an be willing to set an example for each other

.12:11Eagerly and enthusiastically take great pains to do your best and not be lazy, timid or afraid to act:

Maintain your spiritual glow with a passion and burning zeal by serving and obeying our Master and Lord as a slave would.

12:12Maintain a attitude as a follower of  Yeshua of patiently waiting and hoping against hope with a trust in which you flee for refuge.

Be delighted and joyful during pressure, suffering, affliction and difficult circumstances by persisting and standing your ground – enduring by being loyal and faithful in prayer.

12:13Be earnest and zealous in practicing love and kindness to those strangers or foreigners that are set apart for God’s purpose by providing for them what is needed by them and useful to them.

12:14Request God’s favor for those that harass, trouble and are in hostile pursuit of you:

Request God’s favor for them and don’t invoke evil (imprecate) on them or hope some supernatural power will cause them harm.

12:15Be glad, delighted and joyful with those that are glad, delighted and joyful – shed tears and weep with those that express strong inner emotion by shedding tears and weeping yourselves.

12:16Have the same thoughts, attitudes and understanding of each other and towards one another:

This is so that you don’t become prideful and think that your quality of thinking or insight is so valuable and exalted that other people who are poor or in low positions will become of no account or unimportant to you.

12:17No one should return or pay back wrong, harm or wickedness, which is a characterization of godlessness, for wrong, harm or wickedness.

Have respect, regard for, and take into consideration what is morally good, praiseworthy and passes the test in the presence of all mankind.

12:18If you are put in a position to do so and it is possible, as far as it depends on you and your capability to do so, reconcile, cultivate, keep and live in peace with your fellow man.

12:19My very much loved and fellow followers of Yeshua, don’t bring someone to judgment to avenge some injustice. Instead, yield to and permit room for the culmination of judgment that will be an outpouring of the stored-up anger of God!

It has been recorded in writing that “Vengeance belongs to our Lord and Master and that HE will avenge us and see that justice is done – not us!”

12:20Instead, if that hostile and hated “someone” that is at enmity with you is hungry, give them some  morsels of food.

If that “someone” is thirsty, give them some water to drink.

By showing kindness to them in repayment for their hostility to you, Adonai’s presence will be felt and it will cause them to quickly feel ashamed and they will want to change their ways.

12:21Don’t let yourself be overcome and defeated or conquered at the hands of godless and wicked people.

Prevail and become victor over those people that are characterized by godlessness, who are harmful and wicked to you, by being upright in your moral character.


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Dani'el 3:17-18 (CJB) 17 Your majesty, if our God, whom we serve, is able to save us, he will save us from the blazing hot furnace and from your power. 18 But even if he doesn’t, we want you to know, your majesty, that we will neither serve your gods nor worship the gold statue which you have set up.”
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  1. I really liked your cartoon depiction. The post was knowledgeably written but hard to read. Perhaps some paragraph markers? I did enjoy it however and learned a few things from it. Have a blessed day.

  2. Hopefully, it is a little bit easier to see not that not in paragraph form. 🙂

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