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Before we continue our study of 2nd Kefa (Peter) chapter 2, let’s look back the 5 previous posts in this study for contextual reasons. A brief synopsis of each, from each post, should be helpful in seeing the bigger picture – the context.

We deal with verses 1-2 in THE “SLEAZE FACTOR”.

sleaze factor

In it we find that:

So this 2nd verse is the RESULTANT of the 1st verse:

MANY within the body will FOLLOW teachers within the body – LIARS that SECRETLEY worm their way in the back door and TEACH HERASIES and departures from orthodoxy that will cause DIVISION and/or sects within the ASSEMBLY that results in:

INSULTING, SLANDERING, and BLASPHEMING the TRUTH which is blaspheming the “fundamental expression of the character of God”

We deal with verse 3 in HELL is for REAL!.

Hell is for real

In it we find that:

It can’t be any more clear . . .

Lying prophets and lying teachers in the assemblies:

  • that use their lies to divide the congregations from within those assemblies,

  • by teaching soul-damning breaks in orthodoxy,

  • that become “counter-missionaries” within the assembly,

  • that cause people to slander-insult-blaspheme the TRUTH which is the “fundamental expression of the character of God,”

  • that do these things for selfish gain – to make bank, or power, or prestige . . . .

  • are going to face judgment resulting in hell.”

We deal with verses 4-6 in YES! One man CAN make a difference!.


In it we find:

  • Did NOT spare the angels who sinned

  • Did NOT spare the world from the flood

  • CONDEMNED S’dom and ‘Amora


As a WARNING to those in the FUTURE . . .

A warning to WHOM in the future?

To THOSE that would live UNGODLY lives . . .”

The wickedness of man grieved God’s heart.

The wickedness of man caused God to regret that he had made mankind.

Adonai contemplated destroying ALL of mankind . . . .

But then –

Genesis 6:8 (CJB)
8 But Noach found grace (favor) in the sight of Adonai.

Literally, one man doing what is right (righteousness) can change the course of humanity.

YES! One man can make a difference!”

We deal with verses 7-8 in Cause & Effect.

cause and effect

In it we find:

As a righteous man, as a faithful man, as a innocent man, as a kind man, as a good man, as a upright man, as a just man . . . Lot saw and heard their evil works as he lived among them – it distressed him and it:

2 Peter 2:8 (CJB)
8 … tormented his righteous heart day after day.”

We deal with verses 9-10 in Especially Those . . ..

Especially those

In it we find:

These audacious and arrogant people do NOT tremble (shake with fear – get the chills) at what?

Blaspheming . . . slandering . . . insulting . . . speaking abusively . . . speaking evil of . . .

To blaspheme is to insult . . .

For example, to say God lies is to blaspheme God because there is no lie in Him.

To say God lies is slandering His Reputation – His Name.

To say God lies is an insult aimed at God because He does not lie.

To be worldly – to love the world and worldly things

To lust after and follow our former natures while proclaiming to be his children,

Slanders His Word and slanders His Reputation – His Name.

It is an insult to Him and all that He is. It is blasphemy.

Blasphemy could be said to be the opposite of fearing God.

Think about that for a minute . . . would you really slander or insult someone that you feared?

Do you fear God? Do you REALLY?!?

Do you deeds (works) show this fear of God? This AWE of who He is?


Do you insult and blaspheme Him?

Do your deeds (works) show an arrogance and complete lack of respect for His commands, which are evident in your chasing after the things you loved in your old nature such as R-rated movies, sex before marriage, doing drugs, etc?

Do you live your life by a “human standard” or a “godly standard?”

Last question, according to the text, which standard will God rescue and which standard will He especially cut off because they are of no use to Him?”

The above are direct quotes from the 5 posts. They are a good synopsis of what is being said in verses 1-10. Now we see a switch. We see the false teacher being compared and contrasted to the angels:

2 Peter 2:11 (CJB)
11  whereas angels,

though stronger and more powerful,

do not bring before the Lord

an insulting charge against them.

This contrast is to the last lines of the previous verse:

2 Peter 2:10 (CJB)
10  especially those

who follow their old natures

in lust for filth and who despise authority.

Presumptuous and self-willed,

these false teachers

do not tremble at insulting angelic beings;

Let’s look at the comparison:

False Teacher Angels
Follow their old natures – flesh Stronger
Lust for filth – crime – scandal More powerful
Despise authority – lordship Do not insult (blaspheme) before the Lord
Do not tremble at insulting “messengers” Do not bring a charge (damnation) against them
Audacious – daring – bold – presumptuous
Self – willed – arrogant – self-pleasing

Let’s look at a 3 verses that also deal with this very thing:

Jude 1:8-10 (CJB)
8  Likewise, these people, with their visions,

  • defile their own flesh,

  • despise godly authority and

  • insult angelic beings.

9  When Mikha’el, one of the ruling angels,

took issue with the Adversary,

arguing over the body of Moshe,

he did not dare bring against him an insulting charge,

but said,

“May Adonai rebuke you.”
10  However, these people insult anything they don’t understand;

and what they do understand naturally,

without thinking,

like animals — by these things they are destroyed!

Y’huduh in the above is making a reference to a verse in the TaNaKh in Z’kharyah (Zechariah):

Zechariah 3:2 (CJB)
2  Adonai said to the Accuser,

“May Adonai rebuke you, Accuser!

Indeed, may Adonai,

who has made Yerushalayim his choice, rebuke you!

Isn’t this man a burning stick snatched from the fire?”

Are these the same kind of people talked about in in 2nd Kefa? Let’s look at the earlier context in the letter from Y’hudah (Jude):

Jude 1:4 (CJB)
4  For certain individuals,

the ones written about long ago as being meant for this condemnation,

have wormed their way in

ungodly people who pervert God’s grace

into a license for debauchery

and disown our only Master and Lord, Yeshua the Messiah.

I guess the more important question is, what was written long ago that specifically addresses these people in both Kefa and Y’hudah (Peter and Jude)?

Jeremiah 6:14 (CJB)
14  they dress the wound of my people,

but only superficially,  saying,

‘There is perfect shalom,’  when there is no shalom.

Jeremiah 23:17 (CJB)
17  They keep reassuring those who despise me,

‘Adonai says you will be safe and secure,’

and saying to all living by their own stubborn hearts,

‘Nothing bad will happen to you.’

Ezekiel 13:10 (CJB)
10  They deserve this,

because they have led my people astray

by saying there is peace when there is no peace.

If someone builds a wall without mortar,

they ‘plaster’ it with whitewash [to make it appear strong].

Ezekiel 13:16 (CJB)
16  that is, the prophets of Isra’el

who prophesy about Yerushalayim

and see visions of peace for her

when there is no peace,” says Adonai Elohim.’

Micah 3:5 (CJB)
5  Here is what Adonai says in regard to

the prophets who cause my people to go astray,

who cry, “Peace” as soon as they are given food to eat

but prepare war against anyone who fails to put something in their mouths:

If you will remember the warning in the first part of 2nd Kefa verse 1:

2 Peter 2:1 (CJB)
1  But among the people there were also false prophets,

just as there will be false teachers among you…

And more context in the last part of verse 3:

2 Peter 2:3 (CJB)
3  … Their punishment, decreed long ago, is not idle;

their destruction is not asleep!

Are you starting to see the bigger picture here? This isn’t just one or two verses about false teachers. 2nd Kefa (Peter) is a thorough and biblical warning – the reiteration of prophecy made long ago. This letter addresses a contrast and compare between righteousness and UN-righteousness. A contrast between human standards and godly standards. A contrast between Holiness and worldliness. Noach (Noah) and Lot which were righteous men and a spared as a result VS. the destruction of sinning angels and worldly men – wicked men – who were all destroyed as a warning to those in the future that would live the same kind of UN-godly lives . . . to those that would call evil good and good evil.

We will continue verses 12-14 in our next post.

May the shalom (peace) of our Lord cover you and protect you from the teachings, doctrines, dogmas and theological suppositions of those in our own assemblies – that were prophesied about long ago and that are headed for hell!



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