Galatians – What it might look like if it was written today – Part 3 of 6

Galatians Chapter 3

Have you people in Galatia lost your ever-loving minds?!?

Are you all totally without discernment?

The things you are accepting as truth from these people – From the leaders that have told you that non-Jews have to become circumcised – that they have to become Jews before God’s grace will apply to them is utter foolishness! It is a different gospel!

It’s as if you are hypnotized or under and evil spell or something.

Let me ask you one simple question . . .

How did you receive the Spirit? Was it by,

A) Legalistic observance of Torah commands


B) Trusting faithfulness in Yeshua the Messiah?

I know, right?!!

Have you all become so thick that having begun with the Spirit’s power, you NOW THINK that you can go the rest of the way through YOUR OWN power? That you can save YOURSELF? REALLY?!? Oy Vey!!!

If this is the case, then all of the suffering you have endured will be for absolutely nothing – ZILCH!

Let me ask you another simple question . . .

Surely we can all agree that GOD is the one that supplies you with the Spirit and works miracles among you.

Does He do this because of,

A) Your legalistic observance of Torah commands


B) Because you trust in the message you heard about Messiah and are faithful to it?

In case you minds have been so warped that you can’t even see that simple truth – that simple logic,

then let me quote the Torah for you concerning Avraham to clear it up:

He trusted in God and was faithful to him,

and that was credited to his account as righteousness.”

Make no mistake here . . .

It is those that live by TRUSTING and by BEING FAITHFUL that are the TRUE children of Avraham!

And if that isn’t as easy to see as it should have been, let me quote some MORE Torah where Avraham himself was told the Good News in ADVANCE:

In connection with you, all the non-Jews will be blessed.”

Have I made my point yet? If not, let me re-emphasize what the Torah is saying here:

Those who rely on trusting and being faithful are blessed just like Avraham was because he trusted and was faithful.

But I am not going to stop here, I am going to drive this point home again and again so that you get it! I am going to do this by again reminding you what the Torah REALLY says. I will put some bullet points up so that you don’t miss it:

  • EVERYONE who depends on legalistic observance of Torah commands lives under a CURSE, since it is written,

    Cursed is everyone who does not keep on doing everything written in the Scroll of the Torah.”

  • NO ONE comes to be declared righteous by God through legalism, since

    The person who is righteous will attain life by trusting and being faithful.”

  • LEGALISM is NOT based on trusting and being faithful,

    but on [a misuse of] the text that says,

    Anyone who does these things will attain life through them.”

  • The MESSIAH REDEEMED US from the curse pronounced in the Torah by becoming cursed ON OUR BEHALF; for the Tanakh says,

    Everyone who hangs from a stake comes under a curse.”

Yeshua the Messiah did this so that, in union with him,

the non-Jews might also receive the blessing announced to Avraham.

Yeshua the Messiah did this so that, that through trusting and being faithful,

we might ALL (Jew and non-Jew) receive what was promised, namely, the Spirit.

This should be painfully obvious to all but the most dense by now, but if not, let me make it clear . . .

~ Legalistic observance of Torah commands is compliance, NOT TRUST! ~

I can show you this by using a more human logic and approach if you need me to so that you can see it:

You all know that when someone does a deal . . .

swears an oath, or contract or whatever,

that once it is established by being drawn up and signed and confirmed,

that no one can add to it or take away from it.

You can’t add something to your copy of contract and have it be valid unless it is on THEIR copy too.

You also can’t omit something on your copy and have it valid unless it is omitted on their copy too.

It is this same way in the text.

Promises were made to Avraham and his SEED by God. It does not say seed(S)! It is not plural! You changing your version of the contract won’t change HIS! This was an contract/oath/deal sworn by God to Avraham. And who is that singular seed? MESSIAH!

430 years after God swore this oath to Avraham, the legal part of Torah came into being. But make no mistake,

God did NOT lie to Avraham!

The newer legal part of Torah does not nullify or invalidate or abolish the older promise to Avraham . . .

If it did, then God would be a promise breaker and a liar.

Is that what you really want to say or imply?!?

If so, then whether you mean to or not, that is EXACTLY what you are doing!

You are saying that the inheritance comes from the legal part of Torah

and NOT from the promise He made to Avraham.

You see why I think you are foolish and thick now?!?

For some of you that are starting to get this into you thick skulls,

starting to understand what I am saying,

you may be asking the following question:

Why was the legal part of Torah made in the first place then?”


It was made, added, however you choose to look at it for one reason:

It was added in order to create transgressions,

until the coming of the seed about whom the promise had been made.

Moreover, it was handed down through angels and a mediator.

Consider this . . .

The Torah was handed down by a mediator,

but the promise to Avraham was handed down by God himself with NO mediator.

I can already hear what some of you are saying . . . I can see it in my mind:

Then the Torah stands in opposition to God’s promises!

It only seems that way if we come at the text from your own man made doctrines, dogmas and theological suppositions . . .

Think about it for a second . . .

If the God given legal part of Torah had in itself the power to give life, would we even need a Messiah?

If legalistic observance of Torah commands gave life,

why would we even need to consider Trusting faithfulness in Yeshua the Messiah?!?

EXACTLY! We wouldn’t!

You see, the TaNaKh rounds up all mankind – Jew and non-Jew alike – and imprisons them all under sin – shuts the door on ALL of them!

It does this so that God’s promise to Avraham might be fulfilled . . .

In other words, that what was promised might be given to those that have trusting faithfulness in Yeshua the Messiah!

Listen folks, before Yeshua came . . .

before this time of trusting faithfulness came, the legal part of the Torah served an important function.

As I said before, It was added in order to create transgressions . . . it did this and did it well!

The question is, WHY?

The Torah was a custodian. Maybe a better word would be prison guard.

Why do I say that? We were all imprisoned together under sin as a result of the legal part of Torah. It was our prison guard and would function as such until the Messiah came and stood trial for the crimes we ourselves were imprisoned for. Once He did this, we no longer needed to be imprisoned.

He paid the cost for our crimes.

Why did He do this?


So that we might be declared righteous on the grounds of

trusting in Him and being faithful to Him!

As a result, we are no longer imprisoned, and therefore, are no longer under a prison guard!

Here is the kicker (and some of you won’t like this) . . .

In union we Messiah, you are ALL children of God . . . yes, Jew and NON-JEW both through trusting faithfulness. Those who have baptized themselves into Messiah have clothed themselves in Messiah . . . and make no mistake, that clothing is not differentiated as Jewish and non-Jewish because in union with Messiah there is neither Jew or non-Jew – slave or freeman – male or female . . .

In union with Messiah we are ALL one!

Furthermore, if we are all one in union with Messiah

then we are also the seed of Avraham and heirs

according to the promise God made to Him!


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Dani'el 3:17-18 (CJB) 17 Your majesty, if our God, whom we serve, is able to save us, he will save us from the blazing hot furnace and from your power. 18 But even if he doesn’t, we want you to know, your majesty, that we will neither serve your gods nor worship the gold statue which you have set up.”
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