Galatians – What it might look like if it was written today – Part 4 of 6

Galatians Chapter 4

As I just stated, if we are all one in union with Messiah then we are also the seed of Avraham and heirs according to the promise God made to Him!

As you are all undoubtedly aware concerning inheritance, when an heir is just a minor child, even though he is the legal owner of the entire estate, is treated no different than a slave or a servant in that he is subjugated to caretakers and guardians until he reaches a certain age determined in advance by his father’s will – usually, and in most circumstances, this is not until he is at an age where he is old enough to make his own decisions.

It is the same with us!

We have a Father in heaven. When we were children, we were like slaves and servants – controlled and subjugated to nothing more than a rudimentary understanding of God’s word based on worldly standards – on our own human standards concerning God’s Torah.

However, when the proper and appointed time came that would make everything complete,

God sent His son, born of a Jewish woman, into a Jewish culture that had denigrated and subjugated itself into nothing more than legalistic observance of Torah commands.

Like I said before, a culture based on nothing more than compliance, and compliance is not the same as trusting faithfulness – far from it!

God did this to rescue us – to buy us back from this bondage – to redeem us so that we could be adopted by Him and made His children – made His sons – made His heirs!!!

Let me tell you something VERY IMPORTANT and I want you to get this!

To PROVE to you that you are His sons, God sent the spirit of His son into our hearts that cries out:


If He is your father, then you are NO LONGER a slave or servant in subjugation to a caretaker or custodian . . . you are no longer in prison under a prison guard . . .


Jew or non-Jew . . . circumcised or UN-circumcised . . . it doesn’t matter what these people – these counter-missionaries have told you!

You do NOT have to become a Jew before God’s grace will apply to you!

If God adopts you, YOU ARE HIS SON! – YOU ARE HIS HEIR!!! WOOT!!!

True enough, in the former part of your life, some of you were pagans and heathens without hope and without God, some of you subjugated yourselves as slaves to fictitious and false deities – non-gods, some of you were proselytes to Judaism, some of you are Jews that subjugated yourselves to legalistic observance of Torah commands . . . it really doesn’t matter, because you were ALL slaves to something.

Listen up!

You guys do know God, and MORE than that, you are KNOWN by God!

That is why this is so frustrating!

  • God adopts you
  • You become His son
  • You become an heir

and then some knuckleheads come in an tell you your are not, and you BELEIVE THEM!?!

Some knuckleheads tell you that you need to be circumcised before God’s grace will apply to you and you BELIEVE THEM!?!

Some knuckleheads tell you that you need to observe special days and you BELEIVE THEM!?!

Some knuckleheads tell you that you need to observe months and you BELEIVE THEM!?!

Some knuckleheads tell you that you need to observe special seasons and you BELEIVE THEM!?!

Some knuckleheads tell you that you need to observe special years and you BELEIVE THEM!?!

You turn your back on the GIFT God gave you and throw your adoption papers in the trash!!!

What, so that you can go back under a prison guard ?!?

You do realize that in doing that, you totally NULIFY and MAKE WORTHLESS the SACRIFICE that Messiah made, right? I hate to say it, but if that is the case, then all my work with you is wasted!

Brothers, I love you guys and I am BEGGING you – turn away from this foolishness!

(Let the reader understand the following allusion)

You are doing the same thing the captives in Egypt did when Moshe led them out by the hand of God to freedom and they kept saying,

We wish we were back In Egypt – under bondage – slaves!”

You know why they did? It did NOT require TRUSTING FAITHFULLNESS!

Yes, you are being THOSE guys!

Put yourself in my place for a second just as I did with you when I met you . . .

I am a Jew.

Not only a Jew, but a Pharisee.

In fact, a Pharisee of Pharisees

By birth, I belong to the people of Israel.

I was circumcised on the 8th day

I am from the tribe on Binyamin

I am a Hebrew speaker with Hebrew speaking parents

I was a zealot – so much so that I persecuted the Messianic community – even to death

As a Torah observant Jew, blameless.

I studied at the feet of Raban Gamaliel . . .

Based upon these qualifications, do you really think I don’t know what I am talking about?!?

I guarantee my pedigree is bigger than any of the people that you are listening to and believing!

When I first came to you, none of you did me any wrong – don’t do so now, PLEASE!

You know that I was ill when I first came and shared the Good News with you.

And though my physical condition must have been a great trial for you and tempted you treat me with contempt, or despise me, or reject me all together, you did not.

In fact, you received me and welcomed me as if I was an angel of God . . . as if I was the Messiah himself!

Do you even remember that utter JOY that you had at receiving the Good News of Yeshua the Messiah?!?

I don’t want to exaggerate, but you guys would have gouged out your own eyes, and given them to me as a gift to prove how much you loved me for bringing you this Good News, if you could have done so.

Yes, you loved me that much!!!!

So what has happened to that joy you had?

What has happened to that love you had for me?

Have I now become your ENEMY simply because I tell you the TRUTH?!?

Without a doubt, these Rabbis that you have started believing are just as zealous, enthusiastic and fervent for you as I am, however, their motives for being so are not the same as my motive.

Their motives are NOT good motives. They want to separate you from us so that you will love them like you loved me – so that in that love, you will follow THEIR teaching and conform to that teaching.

To be zealous is not a bad thing, provided that what your zealous for is good.

When I persecuted the Messianic community, I was zealous.

That was NOT a good zealous.

Neither is this!

You know, present or not, I am suffering the pain of giving birth to you again.

This birth pain will continue for me until the Messiah takes shape in you again.

I don’t know what to do with all of you . . .

I wish I could be there in person to say what I am getting ready to say . . .

Writing doesn’t always convey what a simple change in the tone of one’s voice conveys.

Let me change the tone of my voice so you get the seriousness of what I am about to ask . . .

This is aimed directly at those of you that are accepting and want to go back under a prison guard . . .

  • To those of you that are accepting that one has to become circumcised before God’s grace will apply to them . . .
  • To those of you that are accepting that you have to observe special days, months, seasons, and years etc…
  • To those of you that believe you have to become Torah observant Jews before God will accept you . . .

Do you not hear what the Torah itself says?

Avraham had 2 sons –

One of his sons was made with a slave woman

One of his sons was made with a free woman

This happened because Avraham wanted an heir.

This happened because Avraham and his wife did not have trusting faithfulness in God and His promise.

They decided to do it on their own instead of trusting God – by their own power instead of His!

They decided Avraham should lay with the slave woman Hagar so that he would have an heir.

This act was a total lack of trust in God’s promise to Avraham that he would be the father of many nations. This lack of trusting faithfulness produced a son with the slave woman.

After this happened, God’s promise came true, like they always do. The miracle happened and Sarah conceived the heir God had promised. This was the fulfillment of the promise that produced a son with the free woman.

Now that we are all on the same page, let’s study and search for meaning beyond just the simple meaning – an allegory of sorts if you will – kind of like interpreting a dream.

The two women, Hagar and Sarah represent 2 different covenants.

Hagar, the slave woman, is the covenant from Mount Sinai where the Torah was given. She bears children destined to be under a custodian – under a prison guard. She is the Mount Sinai in Arabia and belongs in the same category with the present Jerusalem – that is, the present Jerusalem is also a slave . . . it is also in bondage – under a prison guard.

But the heavenly Jerusalem – the Jerusalem above is free. It is NOT a slave! It is NOT in bondage! It is NOT under a prison guard! THAT is OUR mother!

Was it not written is Yesha‘yahu:

Rejoice, you barren woman who does not bear children!  

Break forth and shout, you who are not in labor!  

For the deserted wife will have more children  

than the one whose husband is with her!”

Just like Yitz’chak was a promise from God, we too are children referred to in a promise from God!

There is another allusion that you NEED to understand here:

Just as the slave woman’s son persecuted the free woman’s son . . .

Just as the son born under human effort and endeavor persecuted the son born through God’s Spirit. . .

So it is now . . . so it is with you.

You guys are CHOOSING to be a son of Hagar after already being a son of Sarah!!!

The TaNaKh has some chilling words for you that you should pay careful attention to:

Get rid of the slave woman and her son,

for by no means

will the son of the slave woman inherit along with the son of the free woman!”

Brothers, we are NOT children of the slave woman Hagar.

We are children of the Free woman Sarah!

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Dani'el 3:17-18 (CJB) 17 Your majesty, if our God, whom we serve, is able to save us, he will save us from the blazing hot furnace and from your power. 18 But even if he doesn’t, we want you to know, your majesty, that we will neither serve your gods nor worship the gold statue which you have set up.”
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