Galatians – What it might look like if it was written today – Part 6 of 6

Galatians Chapter 6

Brothers, if someone among you falls off the path

and is caught committing an offense, ie,

doing things according to his old nature – his worldly nature –

those of you who are spiritual and are leading your lives by the Spirit should GENTLY set him straight – in HUMILITY – with the purpose of RESTORING him back to a life led by the Spirit.

Just remember to also look at yourself while you do it

and remain attentive to you own walk

so that you yourselves wont be tempted to wander off the path yourselves.

Carry each others heavy burdens and troublesome moral faults because this is what

“loving your neighbor as yourself”

does. In fact, when you help a brother that is down and out, you are fulfilling the Torah’s true MEANING of “loving your neighbor as yourself.” Which by the way I might add, is

the Torah of Messiah!

I’ll tell you what . . .

If any of you thinks he is all that and a bucket of chicken, well, I am here to tell you he ain’t!

If any of you have a superiority complex and think you are too important or special to help shoulder another brother’s burden, you are doing 3 things:

  1. You are deluding yourself!
  2. You are deceiving yourself!
  3. You are cheating yourself!

With that in mind, what you should do is focus on your own walk and carefully check YOUR OWN actions! In doing so, if you do happen to find that some of the work you have done for the kingdom is worthy to boast about, then be joyful – rejoice and have great satisfaction in this fact BY ITSELF that you have done something commendable for the kingdom!

If you do this, your boasting will be based upon something that you have actually DONE and not the way some of you are doing it where it is nothing more than bragging about how much better you are than someone else because EVEYONE (including yourselves), has a heavy load to carry at one time or another – EVERYONE has his own load of oppressive faults!

To those of you being instructed in the Word of God, remember to share all the useful and beneficial good deeds and kindness that you do with the one instructing you!

Do NOT lie to yourself and think that you can get away with making a fool of God!

You can NOT fake this!

To think that you can is mocking God, and if those are the seeds you are planting in your garden, your harvest will be just what you planted because a person reaps what they sow!

In other words, there are basically 2 gardens.

  1. The worldly garden – full of seeds from our old nature based on human standards
  2. The Holy Garden – full of seeds from a Spirit led life

As I showed you before, if you plant a garden using the following seeds:

  • In sexual immorality (sex outside of marriage, homosexuality, infidelity etc)
  • impurity
  • indecency
  • involvement with the occult
  • involvement with drugs
  • feuding
  • fighting
  • becoming jealous
  • getting angry
  • selfish ambition
  • factionalism
  • intrigue
  • envy
  • drunkenness
  • orgies

and the LONG list of things just like this that are worldliness – the human standard – our old nature!

If you plant a garden using THESE seeds, your harvest from this garden will be decay, ruin, and destruction – a harvest of DEATH!

You reap what you sow and if you sow in your old nature that is what you will grow!

If you plant a garden using different seeds such as the following:

  • love
  • joy
  • peace
  • patience
  • kindness
  • goodness
  • faithfulness
  • humility
  • self control

then your harvest will be eternal and everlasting life! If you plant a garden using THESE seeds, your harvest from this garden will be LIFE EVERLASTING!

Again, you reap what you sow and if you sow in the Spirit, that is the harvest that you get!

The 2nd garden is a harder garden to plant and maintain without a doubt! It requires a lot of work and it is very easy to grow weary of “loving our neighbors as our self” – of doing good actions and deeds . . .

However, if we don’t give up . . . if we don’t relax . . . if we don’t lose courage . . . if we don’t faint or lose heart, then we will reap a harvest of EPIC proportionsa Spiritual harvest!!!

There are 2 harvests:

  1. a harvest of DEATH
  2. a harvest of LIFE

With that in mind, let us do good deeds and actions to EVERYONE!

. . . ESPECIALLY to those in our OWN family – the family of those who live in trusting faithfulness to Yeshua the Messiah!!!

I want you to pay careful attention to the SIZE of these letters as I close in my own handwriting. I do this to make a couple of points and so that you all know without a doubt that they are indeed MY points . . .

You all know that my letters are dictated and I always write a greeting or an ending in my own handwriting so that you know the letter is authentic.

That being said, the people that want you to become Jewish – the people that are telling you that you have to become circumcised before God’s grace will apply to you, are NOT doing this for the reason that you may think . . .

They are doing it out of COWARDICE!!!

They are doing it so that they themselves will not be persecuted or made fun of by the Jewish community for preaching about what happened upon the cross!

After all, even the Torah observant Jews that are circumcised do not really keep ALL of the Torah.

What these teachers are REALLY doing is trying to get you circumcised so that they can brag and get glory for having you become Jewish – they are in actuality JEWISH COUNTER MISSIONARIES!

This is a BAD garden – a garden of DEATH!

In contrast, and concerning myself, Heaven forbid that I would boast about ANYTHING other that what happened to our Lord Yeshua the Messiah on the cross!!!

This is a garden based on the Spirit – a garden of LIFE!

Because of HIM and what HE did on the cross for me,

my former worldly life and human nature has been crucified and put to death on the cross!

I am worldly no longer! I am a new creation!

Being circumcised or UN-circumscribed is not what matters . . .

What matters is being a new creation

in the Messiah Yeshua!!!

Peace and mercy to all that understand and live a Spirit led life as a new creation!

And peace and mercy to the Israel of God that lives by trusting faithfulness in the Messiah Yeshua!

Just remember, not everyone from Israel is truly part of Israel . . . the Israel of God is the people that live by trusting faithfulness in the one He sent – His son, the Messiah Yeshua!

You guys have worn me out! From now on – from this point on, I don’t want anyone to give me any more weariness and fatigue about this subject – NO MORE TROUBLE, understand?!?

Just remember something, I have the scars on my body from being stoned and whipped that PROVE beyond the shadow of a doubt that I have trusting faithfulness and belong to Yeshua the Messiah!

Brothers, the grace of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah surely and truly be with your Spirit!

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Dani'el 3:17-18 (CJB) 17 Your majesty, if our God, whom we serve, is able to save us, he will save us from the blazing hot furnace and from your power. 18 But even if he doesn’t, we want you to know, your majesty, that we will neither serve your gods nor worship the gold statue which you have set up.”
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