Memorial for Unborn Children: An interview with Martin Hudáček

In the Hebrew text of the bible, we find a word which describes giving something with the intent of offering tribute to a higher power.  That word is minchāh. In the Greek of the bible we find a word that refers to a gift bestowed on someone.  That word is dōrēma. Both of these words – minchāh and  dōrēma – describe a giving of a gift.  Both of these words together describe a gift we have all been given in the form of a phenomenally gifted young believer by the name of Martin Hudáček.

Martin Hudáček resides in, and is from, Slovakia.  Slovakia is a small country just to the south of Poland and just to the north of Hungary.  It is to the east of the Czech Republic and to the west of the Ukraine.  As part of the European Union, this Republic is right in the middle of a mass of land that is surrounded on 3 sides by 6 seas.  With a population of just over 5 million, it has a literacy rate of 99.6%.  It would be considered a Christian nation where 65% of the population is Roman Catholic, 10% Protestant and 4% is Greek Catholic.

I interviewed Martin based upon a picture I came across recently.  The picture below is of the sculpture he created.  This sculpture is one of the most stunning pieces of art that I have ever seen.  It conveys a multitude of emotions so clearly that you are left in stunned silence as you view it for the first time.  Your emotions mingle with the emotion conveyed in the sculpture – you can literally feel her pain!  I present you with the following picture of the sculpture by Martin Hudáček entitled:

Memorial for Unborn Children

Martin or “BONGO” as he is known by some of his friends because he plays the bongos in his church, grew up in a Christian family.  “Bongo” has been interested in art since his childhood – getting his inspiration from natural materials such as wood and stone.  In high school, he got into carving which led later to the Academy of  Art.  Recognizing that their child was gifted, Martin’s parents advised him to pursue his dream of getting into the Academy where he studied as part of the Sculpture Department.  Martin gives thanks to God and to his parents for the blessing of being able to attend the Academy.

The woman in the sculpture was a live model.  Martin informed me that the sculpture is made of epoxide with artificial stone imitation.  He relates that the advantage of using this combination is that it does not saturate with water like normal stone.

The child was also a live model.  It is made from polyester.  I was kind of shocked when he relayed this to me.  He informed me that these materials are often used in sculpture art.

It should come as no surprise that Martin’s favourite verse in the Bible has to do with children:

Matthew 18:3 (CJB)

3 and said,

“Yes! I tell you that unless you change and become like little children,

you won’t even enter the Kingdom of Heaven!

Martin got the idea for the sculpture as he was walking home one day.  He met up with a friend that encouraged him to make a memorial for unborn children. At first, Martin resisted the idea.  The idea persisted.  It resided in his heart in a way that couldn’t be resisted – one of those quite whispers that are hard to ignore – the kind of whisper that you attribute to the Creator alone.  Martin gives God the credit for the decision to make this sculpture his “bachelor’s study work

The sculpture or “work” took him 2 semesters (approximately 10 months).  It started with the making of a miniature model and then culminated in a life size composition.

Martin grew up in a Christian family.  He gives his parents credit for giving him a Christian foundation.  Like many young men in their teens, Martin became interested in secular things.  However, the foundation that his parents gave him was strong.  He found himself “missing the real Spirit of Life.”  The verse that came to mind when he stated this in the interview was:

Proverbs 22:6 (CJB)

6 Train a child in the way he [should] go;

and, even when old,

he will not swerve from it.

Martin gives thanks to God for answering his prayers – for hearing his pleas and petitions and helping him – for giving him His loving-kindness which is known as grace.  He praises the Lord openly for his wonderful wife and the blessing of his second child which is due in 2 months!

Martin is an amazing young man that I am glad I have gotten to know a little bit better. Martin asks for prayer for a new project he is doing.  He is going to make the sculpture of Christ The King at Kráľova hola (a mountain in Slovakia).  He informs me that it will be placed on the mountain and have a height of 1,900 meters.  He adds, “ May this project be in God´s hands.”

I would end this interview with a simple verse that seems so applicable:

Ecclesiastes 2:24 (CJB)

24 So there is nothing better for a man to do than eat,

drink and and let himself enjoy the good that results from his work.

I also realized that this is from God’s hand.

Without a doubt, Martin Hudáček’s sculpture entitled “Memorial for Unborn Children” is a tribute to Adonai.  It is a sculpture that acknowledges that Adonai is the Creator of life.  Several women that I know that have had abortions were moved to tears by this sculpture.  Without a doubt, it is also a gift to all of us.

Blessings to you all!

Martin and his brother Marek will be monitoring this post.  I would encourage you to post here  and let them know how you feel about his work and also to keep them in your prayers.

Martin’s brother Marek is also his agent.  If you are interested in giving this young man some work, leave a post here.  He will be monitoring it.  Leave a post with an email where you can be contacted.


**  Marek Hudáček says:  yes, it is possible to get replicas,

Please contact Martin’s website at following location:

You can request information on replicas there.



About Even If Ministries

Dani'el 3:17-18 (CJB) 17 Your majesty, if our God, whom we serve, is able to save us, he will save us from the blazing hot furnace and from your power. 18 But even if he doesn’t, we want you to know, your majesty, that we will neither serve your gods nor worship the gold statue which you have set up.”
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321 Responses to Memorial for Unborn Children: An interview with Martin Hudáček

  1. Emissss says:

    Way to go, Mario & Marek!! 😉
    I’m glad we were brought together after so long, and even though we cannot be in touch at all times, I’m happy to know that my family has broaden up and proud to be able to tell everybody about your work!

  2. Charlie Moxley says:

    Big heart!

    Big talent!

  3. Just over 24 hours after posting, we are having lots of shares on Facebook – some direct from here and some individually. Individuals from many different countries have viewed this post already. Websites are linking to it as well. It is my prayer that in the coming days, weeks and months that many more will hear the personal testimony of this talented believer and come to know his work!

  4. Blanche says:

    I am in tears.

  5. The love the sculpture. I have a post abortion ministry in the states. I always tell the women “Your child desires you healing”
    I love that you included the woman, but also that she is being comforted by the child…it shows the anguish of abortion, but also the hope of healing and reconciliation
    Thank you!

  6. SUZANNE says:

    Martin, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful sculpture. I strongly feel that this should be viewed by the whole world. I posted a picture of your sculpture on my blog, and I got THOUSANDS of hits. People were very moved by it. To me, it sums up the pain of abortion and pregnancy loss. I just hope it gains more publicity.

  7. I would like to thank to Bill for his efforts, for this great article, may God bless you and all who are moved by this sculpture 🙂

    • Susan M. Brabec says:

      Dear Martin,I too was deeply moved by your sculpture. I was at church yesterday on Divine Mercy Sunday and saw a poster to help women cope with the post abortive trauma. Is it possible to purchase your sculpture “Memorial for Unborn Children”? I was praying and the idea came to me maybe I could make a shrine for Divine Mercy and incorporate your sculpture. You see how women feel this pain deeply, but men need God’s forgiveness and mercy too, these little children had fathers also. Sincerely, Susan

    • danabrown68 says:

      Marek, would you ever consider releasing a small replica for those of us who have had abortions or miscarried and need to have this reminder that we are forgiven. I need a reminder most days and I would love to have a figurine of this beautiful work of art.

  8. You are very kind Marek – May God bless you and your brother as well!
    I will post updates as I get them 🙂

  9. Lynn says:

    Such a blessing to so many all over the world, God bless you Martin and Marek, your parents must be so proud of you and your Heavenly Father has HIs hand on your heads in silent recognition of you efforts to please Him, well done faithful servants, well done!

  10. May God bless all, who like this sculpture. It is kind of modern fine-art-expression of Divine Mercy, especially to the topic of ABORTION, POST-ABORTIVE SYNDROME. Thanks to God that this idea came into reality, I would like to thank for all prayers and all supports from my relatives

    • Renetta Frederick says:

      I would like to know if I could purchase a copy to send to one of the families in Conn. who lost their 6 year old daughter. This is all over facebook and people are touched because they think it shows that those little lost children are always close by. Any even a small replica would be perfect. Please let me know wher I could purchase a copy if it were for sale.
      God bless you for what you have created and the beautiful message behind it…,

    • Anna Fichman says:

      Dear Martin!
      Your sculpture has instantly touched my heart. I am a mother of five. I also lost three. And as a doctor, I help my patients to go through the pregnancy loss, and accompany some in their hard choice to terminate the pregnancy. When I look at your sculpture, never I would have thought that was a “memorial to aborted children”. I see love and pain, but no blame. So I am very much surprised the “pro-life” groups share it widely.
      Could you please comment some more on your initial inspiration for this sculpture? Was it about someone who lost or aborted the child? Did you feel love or anger while working on it? Please, please elaborate.
      Many thanks in advance!
      And thank you very much for the beautiful creation!

      • Marek Hudáček says:

        Dear Anna,

        I would like to leave a reply to your comment.
        As Martin´s agent I can tell the main reason to make the sculpture was to show on the big value and dignity of every human being, despite being not already born. The artwork should show on the importance to protect life since it´s conception untill natural passing away. This work should show what can the abortion cause to mother, as a doctor you may have certainly heard about postabortive syndrom, which may develop many years after abortion and as syndrom is known often e.g. for its depressive symptomatology. Author wants to provide help for these women, the artwork emphasizes that through the God´s Mercy can the regreting women finnaly find the healing and reconciliation for their wound. For this intention picture of sculpture is widely shared by pro-life groups…

        And to your questions, Yes, it was about someone who aborted child, generally about all who intentionally made this, to realize the dread of this painful action.and about consequences which may appear and stay deeply engraved in one´s heart many years after. And to the emotions while working on it, well, I don´t know which concrete emotions he felt, but I can tell the emotions of expert comittee while introducing of work were really nervous. Martin got minimum of compliments which led to worst note from the artwork. Maybe because of “controversy of pro-life topic”…


        Marek Hudáček

  11. This sculpture has touched my heart in a way that nothing has before. For me, it elicited a visceral response from the depths of my soul. The sculpture reaches out to me in a very personal way. I realize the intent of the sculptor was to portray a mother grieving after an abortion, but this sculpture also shows me… A mother grieving after the stillbirth of my baby.

    Are there any replicas, prints or other items related to this sculpture available for sale?

    • Meg says:

      I, as well, thought about it representing a miscarried child or stillborn. Are the miniature replicas available?!

      • Yes, you can contact his brother Marek who is his agent in the post a couple up from this one. Be blessed!

      • Nick Day says:

        I believe it represents all unborn children, not only the aborted but those still-born and miscarried…all are young lives lost to their mother and the world.

        A grieving mother is one of the most painful things I’ve experienced, they ALL blame themselves for their loss…

    • Tina says:

      The same for me, my baby was never born and this really hit me as her saying don’t cry Mommy I’m still here. I wish they did sell them but I am not able to find one either.

  12. just let me know on
    Marek Hudáček, agent

    • Brandy says:

      Does Martin make and sell these? I have a friend that works with Rachel’s Vineyard that is very interested in one for herself. If you could please get back to me, I would greatly appreciate it and I know she would as well. Thank you! Brandy

    • Natasja van Winse says:


      I’m Natasja from the Netherlands , lost my daughter
      In the 21st week of my pregnancy in 2011. Her name is Skylar.
      I would love to have a smaller version of this statue.

      Gr Natasja

  13. Karen Velez says:

    I also was deeply moved by this sculpture, in my case, due to a miscarriage. I also would be interested in purchasing a replica if they are produced. Please let me know if that happens! Thank you and God bless you for creating this truly inspired and healing work of art and heart!

  14. Melanie Jean Garuffi says:

    Lovely – It will minister to the mothers of generations who have never been born. Praise God.

  15. Jetsenia Hernandez says:

    I saw the picture of your sculpture and felt inspired to write a poem: I didn’t know who was the artist, so I decided to Look up information to let everyone know who was the artist of the sculpture…and also I wanted to know who took the picture to give them credit too. God bless. I didn’t know it was a sculpture dedicate to unborn children. I love it even more now. God bless your talent, the work of your hands &your family. Amen

    My Poem:

    The Pain, the hurt, I suddenly have no words. Yesterday we spoke, we laughed & played.

    Just yesterday you were here in my arms, and now today you are gone. Not only gone, But gone Forever.

    All I have is the Shadow of your Memories, that will Forever Haunt my Soul. Now, I’m on my knees praying, crying that your memories won’t fade away. (whispers & cries). Please memories haunt me Forever, Please.

    I dedicate this Poem to the suffering families in the Connecticut shooting. God Bless!!

    By: Jetsenia Hernandez

    • Awesome Jetsenia! Our prayers go out to all of the families in that terrible and sensless tradgedy. I am sure that Martin will be touched by this as he is also a father. With your poem added here, this sculpture takes on even more new meaning!

  16. Debra says:

    By a little miracle I found a picture of the sculpture shared by one of my friends on Facebook.
    Today would have been my daughters 30th birthday. She died of a rare disease at age 5.
    Do you have a website to order prints or note cards? Bless you both brothers and thank you.

  17. Christina says:

    This picture is being shared on Facebook as a remembrance for the lives lost in my state of Connecticut, following the tragic school shooting. I think it represents the pain that so many are feeling right now. I know it is not the original intent, but it speaks to the soul-crushing sadness felt by so many right now. It is all we have, in the absence of words.

    • I think you are right Christina. I am a father and a grandfather and I believe that this sculpture does address the sadness and utter pain those families feel now and that they will feel for many many years in their loss of their children. Our prayers are with them all . . .

  18. Teresa says:

    I love your sculpture. Do you sell miniature ones?

  19. Kathryn says:

    I saw this sculpture on facebook today and immediately broke down in tears and cried like I haven’t cried for years. 16 years ago I lost a son who was 17.5 months old… he passed away during an afternoon nap. Three months later my nephew, who was a year older passed away from hystiocytosis after a bone marrow transplant. After my nephew’s funeral I knelt down and prayed to ask for the strength to carry on, immediately the very dark room was incredibly bright and I felt hands on my head – I was overcome with a sense of peace like I have never felt before, and I knew everything would be alright. This sculpture reminded me of that very special moment that I have kept very private until now. Thank you for your inspiration and desire to create such a beautiful piece of art.

  20. Today is December 25th. I recieved an email from Marek and Martin this morning that they would like me to convey:

    They would like to wish blessed days of Christmas and may the child of Bethlehem fill you heart with the right joy and peace! Blessings to you and your families in the New Year 2013!

    Also, Martin has written that he would like everyone to know that he suffers in prayer over the terrible tradgedy in Connecticut.

    He states that it is a humanly unimaginable wound to the parents, teachers and for those that knew the attacker. He states that this tragedy has touched the whole world and it is his hope that no heart would stay closed in any way or for any effort to protect human life – whether young or in one’s declining years. He ends by stating that life is a present from God and that no one has the right to harm it in any case. He askes that God’s blessings stay with you.
    Martin Hudáček, sculptor

    Amein Martin, Amein!

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  22. Rosalind says:

    I don’t know if you’re still monitoring this post, but if so I would love to know if it’s possible to buy this sculpture? Sadly my daughter died during labour back in April, and this sculpture really resonates with me. It’s very moving and I’d love to get something like this. Is that possible?

  23. Jessica says:

    Is it possible to purchase a small replica? My cousin just lost her daughter and was very moved by the sculpture when I shared it with her, hoping she’d find some comfort in it. She said she’d like to own one but I can’t find if there are any replicas for sale online. Is this possible?
    On a personal note, I saw the sculpture without the back story first – as a mother who loved her first child who was lost to a miscarriage, I was deeply moved by this sculpture. It is powerful for its post-abortive intention but also to all mothers who have lost a beloved child.

  24. Matt says:

    Incredible sculpture! This is brilliant. The pro-life cause is something very near and dear to me as well.

  25. MKC says:

    I found a column written by Matt Barber that speaks in words what the sculpture speaks to the
    heart of anyone that sees it.

  26. Angie says:

    What a wonderful creation! As a woman who has had 6 miscarriages and still grieving for children I do not have this speaks to me so much. Thank you. It is beautiful.

  27. katycastanos says:

    What a moving piece of work ! I pray Yeshua continues to bless and give you inspiration !

  28. Yoli Rebeles says:

    Thanks be to God! And thanks be to you Martin for your obedience to Gods silent whisper and creating this Divine piece of art.

    When I saw her, my heart ached for her and I fell to my knees. YES, Martin this IS a perfect depiction of our regret, our agony, our shame, our grave sin, but mainly our tremendous loss. It’s obvious your work is a divine gift from our Lord who’s hand was on yours as you created this monument for the unborn.

    Thank you from Thomas’ mom.
    Thomas is in heaven with His creator who knew him in my womb.

    The peace of Christ be with you and your family.

  29. James Freund says:

    The most moving piece of sculpture I have ever seen, bar none. Thank you.

  30. Ran across a video yesterday that goes almost hand in hand with Bongo’s sculpture:

  31. Doina says:

    Hi, I am verry imprest about this sculpture. Please tell me: is just one sculpture? We whant one for Romania, in Bucharest. Please answer me on my e-mail adress, God bless you!

  32. This song has really strong lyrics Bill… I agree

  33. For those looking on how to contact Marek about purchasing a replica

    Marek Hudáček says:
    December 3, 2012 at 5:05 pm
    yes, it is possible to get replicas, you can contact me on my email
    Marek Hudáček, agent

  34. James Freund says:

    Is the original work of art on display somewhere?

  35. For now only in Slovakia (one original is placed on East part of country, another one is life size and then some miniature replicas), in Italy are some miniatures but probably in private own. But I believe that it would be able to see some replicas in US, Latin America, Russia soon. All depend on one´s interests.

    If you would like to print just some poster I recommend:
    (here you can find a high resoluted poster pictures with all necessary info protecting authors laws.) This way I would like to thank to Mr. Dan Zeidler from Family Life Council, Inc, who helped to spread the message of “Memorial For Unborn Children” editing these pictures on mentioned website. God bless him for his efforts in protecting human lives!

  36. shawn winters says:

    Marek I stumbled across this breathtaking sculpture while trying to find a center piece for an additon to our cemetery I was wondering If we could purchase a replica

  37. Stephanie Kirkpatrick says:

    I have two friends that lost babies. The first delivered their precious son, Sean Vincent, who they knew would have Trisomy 18 upon birth. Sean was Baptized and held by his parents and family before slipping away to be with our Maker! The second friend, days later, lost her twins during pregnancy. I sent this this image and they both felt such comfort both from the pain the mother is feeling, much like their own, and by the child giving comfort. Both women would love to buy a replica if they are available.
    Thank you Martin for giving me a vehicle to help them upon such grave circumstances.

  38. PierPaulJack says:

    Thank you very much !!! This statue is so meaningful, powerful and full of humanity.
    I’ve just watched this vid:
    and I’ve quickly come here (thanks you Mr Google too) to know more about this great artist!
    If this statue were more known, the whole world would yearn to have “his” Mr. Hudáček’s memorial 😉

  39. Anton says:

    I don’t believe in God. But I do believe now in Martin Hudáček. This is a great piece of art. He should continue working as a sculptor.

    • Thanks for stopping by Anton – who knows, you didn’t believe in Martin Hudáček until you saw this sculpture, my prayer is that your not believing in God will be temporary as well 🙂

  40. Meta Halas says:

    I’m writing in the name of a pro-life organization from Slovenia. We would like to use a photo of this sculpture for our pamphlets about abortion recovery and maybe for a poster. Is there any way to get permission of the artist to use his material in our pro-life mission and do you know where we could get a high quality photo of this brilliant work of art?

  41. Steve says:


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  43. This is a very beautiful and remarkable piece of art.
    It moves me very much as I lost my child very early in pregnancy, so I have no idea how it would have looked like or whether it was boy or girl. This sculpture somehow gives a face to all those little kids whose features were never seen.

  44. i recently came arose your blog and have been reading along. i thought i would leave my first
    comment. i don’t know what to say except that i have enjoyed reading. nice information in this post…………..

  45. We have had quite a bit of traffic in the last few days from:

    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  46. Welcome to all the people from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Macao today!!!! Hundreds and hundreds have stopped by to read about and view Martin’s sculpture . . . be blessed!

  47. Amanda Shoemaker says:

    Please produce these in miniature! I would love to get one for my church!!!! You have an amazing gift; praise be to God!!!!!!!!

  48. yborka says:

    Thank you Martin and Marek!

    Martin, this sculpture is so powerful in bringing up suppressed grief many couples harbor inside of them about an abortion or a miscarriage that they have experienced. This sculpture opens up people’s souls to feel through the grief that is so healing to them. Thank you!

    I will post this article to our blog on Facebook called “Divine Truth North America” I’m sure you have a bright future ahead of you!

    If I can suggest a website that might give you further inspiration in your work.



  49. Vera van Dalen says:

    Dear Martin
    My first impression was very vivid. I did not first read the motivation of why you made this sculpture. My son passed at a young age due to cancer and I am today working with many cancer parents including the ones who are grieving. In this image we can relate that even in the passing of a child that there will always be a spiritual link especially when having faith of Eternal Life in Christ. You did not only capture abortion, you captured so much more and you are truly blessed by God with your talent. I only wished we could have more similar spiritual impressions of more of our work as it also offers hope. Thank you for what you have done.

    • sorry for your loss Vera . . . 😦

      Martin has an amazing gift that has reached 1000s ad 1000s on this site alone.
      Amazing what a man or woman honoring God and his creation can accomplish . . .

      Be blessed!

  50. Ms. Baskets says:

    I agree with the dr who earlier said she saw no blame, only love and pain. When my only pregnancy ended, the agony that ensued felt like this sculpture appears. The other woman was also correct when she said this sculpture gives a face to all of the lost kids. Maybe this will help mr. Hudacek understand the impact his art will have on those who have either willingly or not lost a pregnancy.


    For a minute there was a lite
    For a minute there was a life
    For a minute I got to see 
    What life would be like
    If there were 2 of me
    For a minute the cloud lifted
    And I appeared to be gifted
    With something most precious
    And just as quickly
    It left us
    For a minute life was grand
    Now it feels like quicksand
    Oh the sorrow that is felt
    For a minute can it be dealt
    To someone more able 
    To snap the cable
    Why are the things most desired
    So hard to attain by those so tired
    Of trying so earnestly
    And disappoint so easily
    For a minute I was not alone
    For a minute my seed was sown
    For a minute there were tears of joy
    For a minute life had a purpose
    All in just a minute it was devoid
    It was over so fast
    As if it had never begun
    For a minute I had a goal
    For a minute it was part of my soul
    For a minute I saw the life
    For a minute there was a lite

    It’s not perfect prose, but it’s personal. Thank you mr. Hudace, for putting a face on my child and for materializing my feelings. Your heart is truly grand.

  51. Arthur G Dearborn IV says:

    Very powerful imagery, the grace of a Childs Love from God Our Father ❤ . Our Heavenly Father has shown his love thru you! God Bless you! Will replicas be available for purchase?

    • Arthur,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Martin’s brother Marek has addressed the replica issue in a couple of responses – He has left his email in several of the posts where you may contact him.

      Marek Hudáček says:
      December 3, 2012 at 5:05 pm (Edit)
      yes, it is possible to get replicas, you can contact me on my email mentioned before

      Marek Hudáček says:
      November 20, 2012 at 4:57 pm (Edit)
      just let me know on

      Be well and be blessed!.

  52. Aude says:

    Cela touche le coeur des mères qui ont perdu un enfant que ce soit volontaire (avortement) ou non (fausses-couches, enfant né mort ou mort né, décès d’un enfant)… merci

    I will edit for Aude and put the translation in for the English Speakers on this site:

    It touches the hearts of mothers who have lost a child either voluntary (abortion) or not (miscarriages, stillborn child or stillborn, death of a child) … thank you

  53. Welcome to all our friends from France – we have had a bunch of traffic from there today!

  54. Pink says:

    I see some other issues the sculpture could represent. I see a woman who is sad about her lost innocence from her childhood or the pain she has about getting a divorce and the sadness it will cause her child. I see the intertwining of human vulnerability and gentleness. Beautiful sculpture.

  55. Judy Ames says:

    Martin This is an incredibly powerful piece. It portrays so truly, the grief a mother experiences upon the loss of a child. Do you have only one of this sculpture. I am interested in purchasing one for a Crisis pregnancy Center that I work with.
    Thank you and God bless you for using His gifts so generously
    Judy Ames

    • It is awesome Judy – I deleted your email as bot travel these site and you will be inundated if I leave it on.

      Marek Hudáček says:
      December 3, 2012 at 5:05 pm (Edit)
      yes, it is possible to get replicas, you can contact me on my email mentioned before

      Marek Hudáček says:
      November 20, 2012 at 4:57 pm (Edit)
      just let me know on

      You can email his brother Marek which is also his agent at the above email.

      Be blessed!

  56. A lot of people from Korea this morning. Welcome and be blessed!

  57. Slavka says:

    Ahoj Martin a Marek,dostavam sa k k Vám cez jednu moju znamu,ktorá prave v tieto dni potratila…
    Vidiac tvoju sochu Martin si naplno vystihol bolesť matky, no vzapätí to pohladenie tej bytosti,ktorá ťa bude sprevadzať po celý život”Malý Anjel””…
    Pan Boh Vas žehnaj aj celú vašu rodinu…Slávka

    Hi Martin and Marek, he was kk only through one of my acquaintances who just had a miscarriage in those days …
    Seeing your statue Martin went a full pain mother, but afterwards it caress the being who will accompany you throughout your life “Little Angel” “…
    God bless you and your entire family … Mussel

  58. Rochelle Zecher says:

    I have lost 9 babies… I would love to have a replica of this statue. Can I buy them anywhere?

  59. CC says:

    This memorial for “Children Never Born” blessed my heart when I first saw it a few years ago. It struck me on a very personal level. I had to come back to the web to find it today. When I am missing my miscarried child, I come back to see it; it feels like visual/tangible hope. My child would have been 9 this month. This monument feels like a hug to my heart. Reminds me she is still very much alive, just in residence with Jesus. ❤ Thank you for sharing. And, to the artist… Thank you so much for creating this piece. You have helped give voice to something that is quite taboo, misunderstood, criticized… Miscarrying a child you never officially met, doesn't mean it hurts less. That child is still part of the heart. You gave that form and visual meaning. You reminded me that it's okay to grieve, to miss that unknown one. I printed off the image of this monument when I first saw it. It's STILL, after these years, on my refrigerator.

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  61. Irina Batin says:

    Is it possible to have the monument in other countries also? How?
    We want it in the Republic of Moldova, we are starting a new anti-abortion project. (Pro Family Civic Association)

  62. Pingback: To you, my precious ! | rainrhyme

  63. johnmcfarm says:

    Stunning, really meaningful work. I do believe the Holy Ghost guided/pushed you on this work. So glad He did!

  64. Laura says:

    Well you make them to sell? I would be very interested. God bless you. Thank you

  65. James Mc says:

    I would love to buy a smaller version of this statue, if they exist. It is a beautiful statue and I’d love to use it in my ministry. Please contact me at my email address. Thank you and God Bless

  66. Séimhín Ór Ní Dhonnghaile says:

    Hiya! I’m Séimhín Ór and I’m from Ireland. I would just like to say that this sculpture is amazing 🙂 I myself am very pro-life and am working on a pro-life project for my foundation level course at college. I am leaning towards fine art and painting and my images are based on the song ‘Never Felt The Wind’ which is a tribute to the unborn babies. I was looking for artists who have similar pieces to put into my research file. One day as i was casually scrolling down my facebook newsfeed, I saw this image posted on a pro-life site and was compleetly moved! It was a real Godsend, praise the Lord for artists such as Marek 🙂 Thank you Jesus 😀

    • It is awesome, isn’t it? The artist is Marek’s brother Martin. Marek is his brother’s agent. I miss Ireland . . . we went there a couple of years ago . . . God’s greenery everywhere! Be blessed!

  67. Robin Vercher says:

    How moving! I know that this is a tribute to children lost to abortion, but I find it comforting to my situation, as well. I lost 3 babies to miscarriage. I was devastated. I felt betrayed by my own body. A failure as a wife. I went into a deep depression. We eventually had 2 beautiful boys together. I still carry the heartache of the losses. Thank you for this beautiful work.

  68. Ashley says:

    I am a mother who just recently experienced miscarrying my child. No one and nothing can relieve the pain and devastation you feel as a mother losing such a precious angel. I am a Christian and know that both my husband and I and all this unborn child’s siblings will have a chance to reunite with our little unborn Angel when we meet again in Heaven.

    However, until that day comes I have been looking for something to put in our home as a reminder of the children in our family who have not had the chance to be here on Earth with us, but who are still very much a part of our family unit.

    I was moved beyond measure by your sculpture. I can not express to you the emotions I feel while looking upon such a beautiful and inspired piece of work. It is honestly the most stunning piece of artwork I have ever beheld.

    My husband and I would love to pay you to reproduce a smaller sized sculpture of this piece. One that we would be able to place within our home for our family to look upon and remember that families are eternal and to recall what life is really about… Family and the blessed children we bring into this world to love, guide, teach and protect. Children, who in turn teach us and help us grow – giving us new understanding into the art of love.

    Thank you for creating such a masterpiece.

    Ashley Daily

  69. tonya says:

    My friend Kelli seen this statue on facebook she would love to have a replica. She lost her husband and 2 children almost 2 years ago because of a horrible house fire. And she lost het unborn son last year in may due to his cord being wrapped around his little neck. She was 38 weeks along when this terrible thing happened. She sees the statue as her daughters and her son touching her from heaven.

  70. Kat says:

    Dear Martin… Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this sculpture. Every time I look at it, it makes me cry. But with every tear I feel better for letting my emotions out. I have lost a child twice and untill now, I have no children. First time I was in pain for a long time, I lost a child while taking care of my dad, at home, who was dying from cancer. My doctor gave me wrong diagnose and said I think I’m in pain, it’s just stress and me scared for my dad. But it wasn’t so. My oviduct was ripped apart, that’s why the second pregnancy also ended. I’m still mad at that doctor who gave me doctor’s note for psychiatrist instead of a note for an operation.
    This friday will be 2 years since I lost my second child, I was so looking forward to give birth to.
    I do hope I get a chance to make it to Slovakia one day and touch that statue.
    Martin, that is truly amazing piece of art! Thank you, again! :*
    God bless you!

  71. Nancy Doerr says:

    As you said this memorial left me absolutely left me speechless. I could not take my eyes off of it. Back in the late ’60’s I had an abortion due to medical reasons. And it was a late term procedure so I know the the baby was a girl. Thank you so so much for creating this sculpture. It is so obvious the the artist’s hands were the instruments of God. Will there ever be prints of the memorial? Or replicas? Thank you forever!

    • Yes Nancy – you can contact Martin’s brother by email directly – Marek is his brother Martin’s agent . the email should be listed a couple of entries above your post. thanks for sharing your story and be blessed!

  72. Angela HARDIE says:

    I’d love this in miniture if possible???

  73. Amy says:

    I have suffered a miscarriage and often wonder what my child would have been like.. Your sculpture is every emotion I have felt about my loss in a solid, tangible piece of art. Thank you for this beautiful sculpture and for using your natural talent as an artist to touch so many through this beautiful work.

  74. Karen says:

    Martin and marek, please would you consider making smaller versions of the child who was never born for families who have lost children to purchase?
    I can not express how appreciated that would be.

  75. Jenny says:

    I have never had my attention caught by any piece of art quite like this. Instantly the feelings of emotion and thoughts from my personal life flooded over me. Truly very powerful and thought pravoking.

    • Martin’s masterpiece touched me as well in a way that few pieces of art ever have.
      I was once told that the purpose of art (music, writing, poetry, sculpture etc) was to evoke feelings within us . . . the exact quote was from a music teacher that said:
      “Music is nothing more than sounds made by man to evoke a feeling”
      With that in mind, we could say that Martin’s sculpture is rock molded by man to evoke a feeling . . . He has done this beautifully!
      Thanks for sharing Jenny and be blessed!

  76. Roisin Lappin says:

    Is it possible to buy a home sized ornament. I would love one for my house

  77. Jayne says:

    I agree with what everyone says in their messages. I have never ever felt so overwhelmed with a piece of art. I just want to look at it every day and feel the warmth that this scupture brings to me. I had a still born daughter 29 years ago and this piece of art somehow brings an emotion to me I cannot describe other than it feels close to my heart. Thankyou for such am amazing experience.

  78. Emily Lee says:

    I first saw this sculpture via a Facebook post on Tuesday, March 3, 2015. It was a very difficult day for me. The night before I had lost a dear friend to pancreatic cancer just 4 weeks after him being diagnosed and I was missing my daughter whom I lost December 17, 1997 when she was 4 months gestation. I have struggled since losing Julia Grace because I had wanted nothing more in life than to be a wife and mother and I had looked so forward to having children and yet all these years later, 9 surgeries later, and eventually a hysterectomy in 2009 I never got that chance. When I saw this sculpture I immediately thought of my little Gracie and the experiences I have had over the past 17 years. There have been times when I’ve struggled so hard with her not being here and not getting the chance to raise her here on earth that I’ve truly felt her by my side reaching out to encourage me to keep fighting and to keep pushing forward that she’s not so far away and that she’s still with me even though I’m here on Earth and she’s in Heaven. I have a very strong religious belief that this life is not all that we have and that we will be together again in Heaven and be an eternal family and that I will get to raise her in the eternities one day. As soon as I saw this sculpture I could truly picture her reaching out to touch me and tell me it was okay not not cry. I never would have connected it with abortion but I think it is a great representation of that as well. I’m not a supporter of abortion, but I respect that for some that is the decision that they chose and I respect their free agency to make that choice; although I would rather see them give the child up for adoption instead, but that’s what this life is agency.

    After seeing this sculpture I haven’t been able to get the image out of my mind and I’ve searched all over the internet to see if I could find a place where I could purchase a small replica of it. I would give anything to have a replica of this sculpture in our home as a tribute and memorial of Julia Grace Samples – Lee. If there is anywhere I can purchase this sculpture in a small replica I would love to know. It would mean everything to me.

    Thank you,
    Emily Lee

    • Marek Hudáček says:
      December 3, 2012 at 5:05 pm (Edit)
      yes, it is possible to get replicas, you can contact me on my email mentioned before

      Marek Hudáček says:
      November 20, 2012 at 4:57 pm (Edit)
      just let me know on

      thanks for sharing so much of the deep within you Emily Lee – Blessings to you!

  79. Jelly says:

    Where is the original on display? An earlier post mentions eastern Slovakia. Would you mind sharing where (I live in Bratislava)? Dakujem!

  80. Tina DeMoss says:

    Moved with compassion,what an inspiration.

  81. Emma fullard says:

    Hi I would love to have this sculpture made of the unborn child, it is beautiful, please could you let me know if this can be made or where I can buy one from, thanks Emma xx

  82. Mary-Jo Butler says:

    Is it possibly to but a small replica? I’d love one in honour of my babies who never made it to birth.

  83. Sherri Brandt says:

    I was wondering if there are prints available based on this sculpture. My best friend was adopted and this is her favorite piece of art because her unknown mother chose to give her life. I would love to purchase a rendition of this piece.


  84. Tom Hartley says:

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  85. linda hurren says:

    This sculpture has blessed my heart and healed my soul in a way only Jesus can…..thankyou so much for this precious gift! I would be very interested in owning a smaller version of this awesome piece of art should you ever decide to make them……God bless you dear man of God xxxxxx

  86. Lisa says:

    I just wanted to know if there was any where i could by a small replica of this statue it is absolutely amazing abd in honesty give me hope that my child i lost is there by my side x

  87. Meganjune Fleming says:

    I am suffering a miscarriage. I have a three year old son. We want to give him a sibling and I would love a little girl but just need another.
    This sculpture is moving beyond words. I cried the second I saw its picture. I wish I could see it in person.

    Thank you for creating a memorial for those that didn’t make it.

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  90. Stephanie says:

    My best friend and I both lost our first children last year. She is now in Italy and I am going to visit. I need to know what city this is located in. We both want to see it in person so badly. If anyone knows where it is we would greatly appreciate the information!

  91. Rebecca says:

    Are you making smaller replicas of this statue? I would like to purchase one for my twin sister. She lost two babies in miscarriage. This sculpture is so moving, her little girl (the first miscarriage was too early to determine sex) is watching over her. We are in our mid 40s and she crys that she many never have a child.

  92. Sarah says:

    I went into premature labor and my daughter didn’t survive her birth. This sculpture represents the image I hold in my heart. That she is with me a begs of me “mommy don’t cry.” This is an extraordinary piece. Thank you for creating it.

    • Thanks for sharing Sarah and be blessed!

    • Marek Hudáček, agent says:

      In 2 months will be presentation of masterpiece, Memorial for Unborn Children 2, in Wroclaw, Poland on city cemetery, in order to give serious grave those children who were aborted. What will be new on this? Over-sized sculpure also with man sculpture, representing that men take also big resposibility in such tragic decision, such as abortion of own, conceived child.. But God is ready to FORGIVE, when we want change ourselves and regret our sins.. Please pray for sucessfull finish of this masterpiece, keep pray for LIFE.. Regards,

  93. Brittany says:

    I suffered a miscarriage two years ago, and this image moves me deeply. Is there a figurine of the statue available for purchase?

  94. Kirsty says:

    Truly stunning, I’ve just suffered a second ectopic pregnancy and have been told I will never have children naturally, I found peace in looking at the sculptor. Beautiful

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  96. Kelly says:

    Stunning work. I whould love to this sculpture. This work should travel gallery’s around the world. Especially New Zealand where I am from.

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  98. Nicole says:

    I had a miscarriage in 1996. She is w me everyday! I saw this picture about 6 months ago. It is how I feel 19.5 years later after losing her. My heart is opened wide for a child I never had. She was my dreams. I love this sculpture! It showse something that others feel as well. It gives a view of what we go through everyday

  99. Lynne Parkinson says:

    Hi Martin. I felt I had to share with you my feelings about your amazing sculpture. Although I know it is a post abortion sculpture now, I didn’t until now after researching it further. I haven’t had an abortion but have miscarried twice. I just wanted to share how healing it was for me literally 3 years after suffering from my first miscarriage. Ive never been so moved by a piece of art or sculpture and I just cried and cried and let out all the grief I’d been keeping in. Thank-you for making a truly wonderful piece of art and I’m sure that without the title, it would help others who have suffered the sadness and grief of losing a child.

  100. Stephanie says:

    Please tell me where I can find this sculpture in Slovakia! I would love to see it. Thank you for sharing the light of Jesus with the world!

  101. Anna Reuben says:

    This sculpture is so beautiful. I lost my first baby late in my pregnancy 6 years ago now and had to give birth to him, we named him Isaac, Which means laughter in Hebrew. I saw this and instantly thought of him and was reminded that he is always near me. I’m sure you have been asked this many times…. Is a small figurine available of this precious sculpture?

    Thank you so much for creating something so special and beautiful. To capture such emotion is so incredibly inspiring and wonderful.

    Thank you for reading this.

    Many many thanks and warmth,

    Anna Reuben. X

  102. Sarah says:

    i was so touched by the piece. Although The subject is abortion, it touched me as a mother that suffered a miscarriage five years ago. It evoked a feeling that I have often experienced since his death. I have thought about this often, especially every year around our unborn child’s birthday, envisioning how old our child would be, his personality, everything that we will never know, would-be milestones, the joy of seeing him grow. Every mother’s sadness in losing an unborn child, whatever the circumstance. What a powerful work!

  103. I lost two babies through miscarriage…this beautiful sculpture captures the grief felt after the loss of an unborn baby…but it also conveys hope…hope that we will meet one day in Heaven.

  104. I also lost an adult son through suicide, would like to have a replica of this in my home.

  105. Court says:

    This sculpture is very moving and I found it comforting as a mother who has miscarried. Thank you for sharing your work with us.

  106. neil rees says:

    Hi my partner had an ectopic pregnancy and we are still grieving, my partner loves this sculpture, I know its a long shot but is there any replicas I can purchase as a gift to my partner, many thanks and keep up the amazing work

  107. SABRINA says:

    I was wondering if you had any smaller sculptures of this that are made? I have three small angels due to health reasons and it wasn’t until last year when I saw this sculptures on Facebook that I started the journey of healing. This is such a big thing to me. Thank you for creating this!

  108. Sonia Link-Emery says:

    Do you sell replica ornaments?

  109. saynor Foshee says:

    This is beautiful. I see it through the eyes of a Mother who has miscarried 4 children. What a God given gift you have.

  110. vicky says:

    I had a miscarriage last year. I saw this pic on Facebook and it brought me to tears as soon as I saw it. I shared it on my page for other friends who lost children they did not meet- all liked it. It brings back so many emotions but there is also something comforting about it. It sums up everything about the loss but also the comfort that the lost child will never be forgotten.
    God bless u and may he continue to work through u.

  111. N mattes says:

    I just lost my son 12/26/15 your art has such an amazing meaning to me I can’t even put it into words

  112. Anna says:

    This is just so powerful words can not express the emotion it stirred in me. Lump in the throat and tears to the eyes it’s so so beautiful. What an amazing talent this artist has.

  113. Annie says:

    I just wanted to say that even though I have never ‘lost’ a child, because I have sadly never been pregnant, this sculpture is still very moving to me as a memorial to my never-to-be-conceived, never-to-be-born children who felt very real to me and for whom I grieve very deeply, even though society doesn’t really recognise my grief as valid.

    • Thanks for sharing Annie – it can be very tough. Rachel couldn’t have children in the text (Genesis 30:1) – She felt if she didn’t have children, that she would die. – – – your pain is VERY real. I am glad that Martin’s sculpture gives you some comfort and I pray that the Creator of all things gives you peace! blessings to you

    • danabrown68 says:

      I completely understand your grief. I will never give birth and I grieve that as well. I am with you. You are not alone.

  114. Alison Loader says:

    I absolutely love the sculpture I lost a child she was stillborn it really touched me when I saw this I would love to buy one if you ever reproduce it

  115. Shelly says:

    I Thank God also for giving you your talent 🙂 I have heard some religions don’t engage in the arts, either for fear of it becoming an idol or Why – Gods creations are More Beautiful than what man can do. THIS SCULPT IS POWERFUL & COMFORTING. I Know that God is there & calms & comforts me grin emoticon THIS just shows me, I’m Not Alone

  116. Mother of 4, one watching from above says:

    This is absolutely beautiful!!! I have lost a child to stillbirth so this sculpture speaks volumes to me. If you ever begin to produce miniature sculptures of this, I would love to buy one from you!!

  117. Rev. Terry Donovan Odell MA says:

    I saw this magnificent sculpture on FB today and subsequently found this site….I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister in the States. Part of my Ministry is the designing and officiating of an Annual Infant Loss Memorial every October….I am hoping there is some rendition of this sculpture on a Prayer Card. I will connect by email to further explore the possibility…… Thank You

  118. Renee Manna says:

    Martin and Marek,

    I have never been moved by a piece of artwork before. A miscarriage is something that millions of women silently mourn in the singleness of their own heart. The world around does not acknowledge the loss, after all, you never even held the baby. As a women I can tell you that my own body embraced my child as the very fingers of God began weaving together His own masterpiece within me. This sculpture helped me recieve long awaited comfort. It also made me consider the tremendous grief a women must feel after having chosen an abortion. Something which admittedly, I have had no understanding or tolerance for. Forgiveness and compassion are a much more healing response than anger and judgement. After all, isn’t forgiveness and healing what we all long for? God’s grace is abundant. I thank God for you. Who knew that God would use you to heal/change the heart of a women in Texas, USA. I will pray for you as you are obedient and continue to raise up the name of GOD. It is a beautiful thing when you can alter existence without a single word.

  119. Jessica Gregory says:

    I had no idea this sculpture was life size! How incredible! I wish I could see it in person. I have seen many pictures of it on social media in my miscarriage support group, and this image goes straight to my heart. I know it does the same for so many other mothers – many of whom never got to see or touch their children – like me. This image is such a comfort, almost like a vicarious touch from our little ones. I cannot thank you enough for listening to the Lord’s prompting in creating this.

  120. Michelle says:

    Beautiful is an understatement! Even thought I never miscarried, I lost my Son and Grandson, and this speaks to me too. Thank you for this.

  121. Fields says:

    This is such a beautiful memorium for all of us women who have had miscarriages. I myself, have had 3 miscarriages and a lot of heart ache over it. I was mad at God for having to go through it. One day I decided to talk to God about this and told him I was at peace with his decision and if I wasn’t meant to be a mother then that was his will and that I surrender to him. 2 months later I was pregnant with our now almost 3 year old boy! But there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about those 3 children that could’ve been but it makes our son just that more precious ! Please keep up the wonderful artwork you have captured what so many of us feel beautifully.

  122. This piece of art is so beautiful and moving. My daughter died almost 2 years ago and in my prayers I can see her standing next to me just like in your piece. Are there any plans to make miniatures for sale in the future?

  123. Jessica says:

    Marek, thank you for that beautiful sculpture. I also enjoyed the article about it. I am a mother that has lost lots of my unborn children due to miscarriage and one to complications to surgery to save myself and the three I was carrying at the time. Your sculpture was a beautiful reminder that they are their with me through my loss and love me as much as I love them even tho they are gone and at peace.

  124. Jen says:

    This is so beautiful, I have had 2 miscarriage. I would love to have this statue to help me remember those baby.

  125. Emily says:

    This is the most beautiful representation of pregnancy loss I’ve ever seen. I love the reality of the mourning mother, along with the hope that comes from knowing the child is near. Is it possible to get a miniature of this statue? I’d give just about anything to have it in my home, as I’ve lost five babies, and this hits me right in the heart. Thank you for creating this miraculous work of art.

  126. Dee Johnson says:

    This piece is beautiful. I’m sorry, but I see a mother grieving the loss of her unborn child regardless whether stillborn, a miscarriage or by abortion. I believe that the child is lovingly comforting the mother in its heavenly form. It is titled “Memorial for Unborn Children”. I immediately thought it would be a beautiful gift for those who have had miscarriages, but if they were to research it and see it is anti-abortion, I feel it would be misinterpreted. Just my opinion.

  127. Nacho says:

    Can I buy an sculpture in small size?



  128. Joe Mineo says:

    I am on the board of Emma’s Footprints in Edinboro, PA. Emma’s Footprints, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded to support families who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss. Our goal and the money that we raise is to provide compassionate guidance, resources and personalized services, including referrals and financial assistance for funeral services and burials as families begin this difficult journey. My wife and I lost our Michael James in 1987, and we know the importance of an organization such as Emma’s Footprints. I wanted you to know that this piece of art has touched our hearts. I posted it on Emma’s Footprints Facebook page, and is it touching the hearts of those who have seen it. Thank you for sharing the love of Jesus, and the love of the children that we have lost. May God Bless you!

  129. Kay Lowndes says:

    Hello can u buy these any one know if so wrre

  130. Carolyn Tuite says:

    Could you please tell me where I may buy a replica of memorial to unborn children and how much it costs. I think it is a stunning piece of sculpture.
    Thank you

  131. Marianne says:

    Wauw…. finally a monument that expresses my feelings…. no words🙏🏻😥

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  133. John says:

    I don’t know where to purchase a small replica of the..”child who was never born”..I went on his websit but it didn’t have any link..

    • I am not sure either John – I was directed to send traffic there – – – maybe you could email them on their email link? Blessings!

    • Mario says:

      Dear John,
      you can order any of replicas via contact form on the website.

      There are three sizes available:
      8” / 22cm replica
      Price: 449€ – free shipping in EU / $589 (USD) -free shipping to USA / Canada
      Base: 24x12x1,5cm / 9.45×4.72×0.6”
      Height: 24cm / 9.45″ (sculpture+base)
      Material: mother- the mixture of crushed marble and epoxy resin / baby- polyurethane caoutchouc
      Crafted within two months after placing the order.

      17” / 45cm replica
      Price: 899€ – free shipping in EU / $1099 (USD) – free shipping to USA / Canada
      Base: 42x27x3cm / 16.53×10.63×1.18″
      Height: 45cm / 17.71″ (sculpture+base)
      (please see the attached picture)
      Material: mother- the mixture of crushed marble and epoxy resin / baby- polyurethane caoutchouc
      Crafted within two months after placing the order.

      And original sized
      35” / 90cm replica
      Price: 6499€ – free shipping in EU / $7599 (USD) – free shipping to USA / Canada
      Base: 84x54x6cm / 33.06×21.26×2.36″
      Height: 90cm / 35.5″ (sculpture+base)
      Material: mother- the mixture of crushed marble and epoxy resin / baby- polyurethane caoutchouc
      Original sized replica has steel construction inside the statue of mother to provide better firmness and resistance to vandalism.
      Delivery time will be provided on request

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  135. Mandy says:

    Didn’t see this until late last year after having my first miscarriage while trying to conceive for over 3 years due to PCOS. It still makes me cry because it is so so spot on. My husband and I are happy to know we CAN get pregnant but it is hard to think of what could have been.

  136. Mary Eisenschenk says:

    Thank you for remembering this which so many have endured and yet so unnoticed by many who don’t understand or know the pain.

  137. Steph Hustead says:

    It is beautiful and Im glad you decided to do this sculpture that God laid on ur heart..i know its for aborted children but i relate to it cuz I miscarried twins at 23 weeks and it was the only children i was ever able to conceive and i feel the heartache the woman in the sculpture is portraying even if we lost our children in different manners…

  138. Negra says:

    Thank you very much for this beautiful sculpture.

    I always wanted a child, due to endometriosis, I have no uterus… I can’t have one
    This sculpture is not just for women who committed abortion, but also for me… I can’t and will never close my own child in the arms…

    This sculpture is for all the women who are having problems with endometriosis also


  139. Joel says:

    The link doesn’t work. I am looking to get a replica for my fiance due to a miscarriage that broke our hearts. If you have more info on how to get replicas please contact me. My email is

  140. Pam Richard says:

    I am a Facilitator for the Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats in New Orleans, Louisiana.
    I love your Memorial to the Unborn statue and was wondering if you had a small table-top version that I could use on our retreats.
    Pam Richard
    Facilitator Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats
    New Orleans, Louisiana

  141. Oh, my goodness. The sculpture is beautiful and speaks volumes. The article is touching.

  142. First full size replica of The Child Who Was Never Born in USA will be dedicated on Sunday 25 in Fresno, California.

  143. Local TV news about the dedication of The Memorial for Unborn Children in Fresno, California:

  144. Rebecca Ekstrand says:

    I would love to purchase the replica of the Memorial for unborn children.

  145. Tahira Akhtar says:

    I love the sculpture, it’s very personal to me. It brings back a lot of memorise. 😢

  146. Jane Hargis says:

    Against my will someone I love dearly made the decision to have an abortion. I cannot share my pain with her because it would hurt her. But I always know I have a **** in heaven. Thanks for giving me an outlet to feel what is eating inside me.

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  148. Life changing! So valuable in our Pregnancy Crisis Centre! For mothers who seek forgiveness after abortion, mothers who lost their babies due to miscarriage or still birth. Also mothers who need to make life changing decisions! It also explains the soul tie between mother and child, even though the child was never born into this world. THANK YOU for listening to Gods voice! Regards Elna South Africa

  149. Shannon says:

    Your memorial for an unborn child touched my
    Soul and the soul of a beautiful friend who showed me.
    God has blessed you, so we may all be blessed.
    Thank you

  150. Jona sager says:

    Although I realize that this statue originally was intended to honor children lost to abortion, in many circles it has come to stand for all children who are lost. I myself have lost a child and I am a nurse who cares for children who die. I have never seen a piece of art which has elicited as much thought and emotion within myself. Thank you for creating this piece. I am praying for God’s hand in your next piece as it obviously was in this one.

  151. Pingback: Pro Life Art, “The Neverborn Child” by Martin Hudacek – Transfiguration For Life

  152. Mark Wendel says:

    I was led to this site after reading the news of the newly installed “The Memorial of Unborn Children II” at Resurrection Cemetary in Madison, Wisconsin. I was blown away by the inclusion of the father. We often forget that men carry pain and grief for their aborted children too. I have only recently revealed to my wife and family a secret that I have kept for 33 years, that I am the father of an aborted child. It is unfortunate for us that we have no idea the grief that lies ahead for some when we make these decisions in our youth.

  153. Roula Georgiou says:

    May God continue to bless Martin with inspiration and grace. May He continue to bless his heart, mind, and hands. May God’s love, compassion and kindness shine through Martin’s work. Having miscarried many times myself, I feel very blessed seeing just a picture of this beautiful masterpiece and reading about the story behind it.
    Dear Martin keep listening to God’s gentle voice. Thank you

  154. Monica says:

    Hi I am from Mexico and would like to talk to you about a project

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